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The site collects data about its visitors and users. All data collected is for customer service, website performance, and marketing purposes only.

We collect information about our visitors only to the extent necessary to monitor the use of the website, improve its functionality, and offer our services to visitors both on and off the website.

We collect more information about users who register for our site. This information is mainly intended to ensure the quality of the services provided. When registering, we will ask for additional personal data such as email, phone, etc. so that both we and other users can contact you about the equipment being sold. This data may also be used for marketing purposes without being passed on to third parties.

Our site is used by us and third parties such as Google, Facebook, and so on. cookies. Cookies are a piece of code that is stored in your browser. You can delete these cookies through your browser settings. If you do not want cookies – you must configure your browser so that it does not allow them to save or leave this site.

Cookies are used to track the use of the website and for marketing purposes.

We undertake not to disclose or transfer private data to third parties, except in a few cases:

Contact details provided by you to potential buyers of your equipment;

In cases where disclosure is necessary for the suspension or disclosure of the offense